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The main goals of physical therapy are to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.


Sports injuries can come out of the blue or they can be the result of thousands of repetitive motions. No matter which camp you’re in, a trained sports physical therapist can dig into those muscles and work out the kinks.


When you seek rehabilitation at Peak Physical Therapy in Durango, CO, not only will you be receiving high-quality, one-on-one pain relief treatment, but our friendly team will help you have fun while doing it.


I walked into Peak Physical Therapy with hip pain that had been increasing for at least 6 months. Ron was able to pinpoint the exact muscle that was causing the pain and he provided me with a series of exercises and stretches that targeted that exact muscle. I was virtually pain free after 6 sessions! Magic? It sure felt that way! Thanks, Ron and the whole team at Peak!

Diane M.
Diane M.

Stephanie and the therapists at Peak Physical Therapy are amazing! They are experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I had a series of injuries over the course of 2020-2021 (tough year), and Peak patiently worked with me through each injury. I am now back to my pre-injury active life style, for which I am very grateful. From crutches to the podium! Great job! Thank you very much Peak Team!

Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.

I signed on with Peak following a total knee replacement, and they have done a terrific job in getting me back to everyday functionality and recreational activities. Everyone on staff is competent and supportive, though Stephanie was responsible for most of my treatment. I am very pleased with the outcomes of my work there and highly recommend this practice.

Reenie N.
Reenie N.



    The goals of manual therapy are to decrease pain, increase mobility and range of motion, reduce swelling and inflammation, lengthen muscles by decreasing myofascial restrictions, stimulate reparation of muscles and soft tissues, and improve function.


    Dry needling is a technique similar to acupuncture used for therapy of muscle pain and movement impairments. We use this technique to alleviate your pain and improve your range of motion.


    Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a treatment method in which we use hand-held instruments to detect areas of scar tissue or other soft tissue damage.


    Therapeutic exercise helps patients to recover from pain and take control of their mobility. These exercises stimulate healing and promote strength, flexibility, balance and more. We also use functional exercise, or exercises that can be easily translated to a real-life function (such as a lunge, squat, etc.)


    Modalities are additional treatments added on to our main rehabilitation regimen to provide additional healing and pain relief.


    Through gait training, we help patients to walk correctly. Whether you broke a bone or suffered a stroke, we will work with you to improve your mobility and independence, so you can move with confidence.


Welcome to Peak Physical Therapy

At Peak Physical Therapy, we believe in creating a personal relationship with our patients that encourages a team approach throughout the entire rehabilitation and recovery process. Our focus is on providing the greatest possible results for all of our patients by listening to them to discover the best techniques to help achieve their desired outcomes.

Our friendly, caring team offers treatment for a wide range of conditions, including pre- and post-surgical treatment, work related injuries, sports injuries, back and neck injuries, joint injuries, sprains/strains, as well as women’s health issues including incontinence and post-mastectomy and balance/vertigo treatment. Our relationship begins by assessing your current physical condition, identifying goals and priorities while honoring your time and values. From there, we create a treatment plan that’s realistic and results-driven. We’re not satisfied until YOU’RE fully satisfied!

Peak offers a warm, welcoming, and fun environment for you to participate in your journey towards better health.

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