Why Choose Us

We are Dedicated to Restoring Your Quality of Life

At Peak Physical Therapy, we realize the reason you may be walking through our door is because of pain or impaired quality of life. Our reason for being in business is to support you and your body to STOP simply surviving – and rediscover how to thrive! We proudly serve patients in Durango, CO and the surrounding areas. Our licensed physical therapy providers offer personalized, hands-on care with 45-minute appointment times.


Our History

Stephanie worked for the previous owners of this facility for four years, and when they closed the business, she reopened it in November 2012. She has worked in this location for approximately 10 years and has been a PT for 20 years. As such, Peak PT is now locally owned and operated. Her motivation for starting this business was to provide a higher level of quality of care to patients. To her, the relationships are the most rewarding part of this career, and she feels like by establishing excellent rapport with patients, she can get the best outcomes in helping them achieve their goals. She also likes to have fun, and she wouldn’t do this if she didn’t have fun doing it. Most times when people come to Peak Physical Therapy, they are in pain and dread coming as they fear more pain, so the team strives to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.











To schedule an appointment, contact us today at 970-259-9366! Or, for more information on how physical therapy can improve your quality of life, be sure to check out our blog or speak to a member of our caring team. We also offer free 15-minute initial consultations!